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Commercial Shipping Container Unloading

Your own Shipping Container handling area

Koala Storage have units large enough to cater for shipping containers full of stock, furniture, personal effects etc.  Koala Storage can provide storage solutions for commercial shipping containers and provide adequate space as well as assistance with unloading shipping containers.  

  • Wide drives to accommodate large vehicles and interstate vans
  • Perfect address for delivery and unloading containers
  • High entry doors
  • Sensory lights in most large units
  • Your own mini warehouse or distribution depot
  • Stay for a month or a life time
  • Your Ideal shipping and mailing address
  • We accept deliveries and text you the time of arrival.
  • Change unit size at any time.
  • Free office use, free phone, fax, internet & Wi-Fi, copy machine, & coffee bar
  • Business storage is a tax deduction.

If you have limited storage space at your commercial property call Koala Storage today for safe, secure storage solutions.