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Storage Units

At Koala Self Storage, our convenient self storage units are an ideal solution for storing all of your household goods. They are suitable for furniture of all shapes and sizes including fridges, washing machines, sofas and bedroom furniture. They are also ideal for children’s toys and all your seasonal clothing, recreational equipment, paintings, antiques and car/boat storage. Even all those items you simply cannot part with but have no room for.

  • Tighter packing generally requires a smaller unit, while opting for a larger unit may enable ease of access to your items.
  • Placing bulky items in storage will help you sell your home.
  • You can always transfer to a larger or smaller unit.
  • Going on that holiday of a lifetime and want to make sure those precious items like family photos are safe? Store with Koala Storage.

We also offer a range of accessible ground floor, drive-up storage units where you can store all of your possessions. These drive-up storage units will save you and your removalist valuable time, as it allows you to easily load and unload your goods. This also minimises the risk of damage while your important possessions are being transferred. Koala Self Storage O’Connor also offers multilevel storage facilities.

Please see below for a list of our self storage unit sizes and the typical contents that can be stored in each unit.


6.7 Cubic Metres

(1.5m x 1.5m)

About the size of a large closet, this unit can hold 30 tea chest boxes or 60 file boxes, and will hold the content of our 2m x 1.5m FREE caged trailer.


10.1 Cubic Metres


Slightly larger than storage option number one. Can hold white goods and a chest of drawers or 80 file boxes.


13.5 Cubic Metres

(1.5m x 3.0m)

This walk-in closet sized unit is big enough for furnishings from a typical office suite, or small flat furnishings. Holds 100 file boxes or contents of a one-tonne delivery van or two trips with our 2m x 1.5m FREE caged trailer.


16.4 Cubic Metres

(1.5m x 3.75m)

Ideal size for storing surplus furniture pending a home sales presentation.


20 Cubic Metres

(1.5m x 4.5m)

Can hold the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, a small home, or 250 file boxes.


23 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 2.5m)

Can hold the contents of a car licenced transit van, two office suites or retail fixtures, or a two-bedroom apartment.


27 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 3.0m)

Our most popular sized unit. Can hold the contents of a three-bedroom home including appliances and outdoor furniture or 500 file boxes.


40 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 4.5m)

The contents of a medium to large sized home. It’s also large enough for carpet rolls, building materials and motorised equipment.


54 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 6.0m)

This room-sized storage unit is ideal for furnishings from most large homes or a car, truck or construction equipment, or two trips in a car licenced three-tonne moving van.


68 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 7.5m)

About the same size as a standard garage, this unit will hold the contents of an extra large home. This unit is also perfect for car storage, and is ideal for businesses storing retail inventory, construction materials or office files.


81 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 9.0m)

The contents of a six-bedroom home. Ideal for construction or retail mini-warehouse or 1500 file boxes.


94 Cubic Metres

(3.0m x 10.5m)

Our largest standard unit with extra high doors and ceilings to easily accommodate a boat and trailer, or RV. Outstanding commercial usage with sensor lighting.

*Please note all units have an approximate height of 3 metres. All sizes are approximate and some units may vary slightly. Please feel free to contact us today to view a self storage unit.