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How to store your motorcycle for Winter (or any other reason!)

If you are looking to store your Motorcycle for winter or any other reason we have a few good tips for you.

Empty Fuel Tank Before a Long-Term Storage

If you are storing your motorcycle for under 3 months the experts say that you can leave some fuel inside the tank.

You may also wish to add a fuel stabiliser (like Penrite –Petrol Fuel Stabiliser) https://www.penriteoil.com.au/products/petrol-fuel-stabiliser to your fuel tank and then ride it around for about 15 minutes or as per instructions on the product you buy – this will get the product circulating.  You may then like to top up the tank so there is no chance moisture will cause the tank to rust.  Fuel stabilisers can be found in most carquip outlets like –SuperCheap Auto and Autobarn.

If your bike is going to be in storage for more than 3 months the experts suggest you empty the petrol tank completely and allow the inside to dry out to avoid any damage from fuel going bad.  Drain every drip of the gas and put the motorbike in a clean dry environment with the gas cap off to allow any residue to evaporate completely.  Allow it to dry for approximately 2 days and then replace the cap and the bike is ready for long term storage.

If you are not sure how long you will be storing for and do not want to drain the tank initially – just place a reminder on your mobile phone calendar for 3 months’ time – if the motorbike is still in storage you can make your decision then.

(The fuel stabiliser is also great for any other petrol engines – so if you are storing your lawnmower or petrol garden blower you can use it on them as well)

How to Store a Motorcycle to Avoid Tyre Damage

As most people know too much constant pressure on one spot of a Tyre can cause permanent damage, so make sure to prop up your bike properly.

You can store the bike on its centre stand if it has one or you can use a purpose built bike stand – there are a number of good ones on the market – do your research on the Internet.

Another good tip if the bike is only being stored for a short while is to overinflate them before storing – this will help just in case the tyres do lose some air.

Avoid Damage to your Motorcycle during Storage with a Cover

Whether you are storing your bike at home or in a drive-up storage unit you should cover your bike to deter dust and dirt.

While a purpose designed bike cover is always preferable – at a minimum your old bed sheets will do the trick and keep the dust off.

The cover on your bike can also help prevent some damage if other storage items in your storage unit accidently fall onto it or rub against your bike.