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About Us

We have been servicing Perth customers for over 25 years now and we pride ourselves in having two of the leading storage complexes in Australia – just outside Perth CBD in Osborne Park and near the Port of Fremantle in O’Connor. Word of mouth recommendations have made us a success thanks to over 40,000 customers.


Koala Self Storage has been of service to over 40,000 Customers for over the past 25 years.

We pledge to continue our good service and exceptions storage in Perth for years to come.

Why Koala Self Storage works for you..

  • Wide range of sizes to suit both domestic and commercial customers.
  • Option to use climate control units.
  • No long term commitment, only month to month.
  • Full access 7 days per week.
  • Safe and protected.
  • Low rental and insurable.
  • Flexibility to vary size at any time.
  • Friendly staff to help you minimise labour costs in running your business.
  • Use of office away from the office with free fax, phone etc.
  • A dry safe place to store your items gives you time to think!
  • Ability to move bulky items to Koala gives your house sales appeal!

We are appreciative of repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers – Thank You!